We are an international community which promotes and encourages financial education and business building.
Through our online platform, we are able to increase your savings and help you generate additional income.

Smart Business Corp. is a registered trade mark from Consorcio Bainet, S.A. de C.V., a legal stablished Mexican company which tax number is CBA 130403 T4A and commerce public registration under act 26,937, book 420 in Mexico City.

Thus, Smart Business Corp. as trade mark and Consorcio Bainet S.A de C.V. as company, are aligned and governed under mexican commercial and fiscal set of laws.

Additionally, both Smart Business Corp. and Consorcio Bainet, S.A. de C.V. are considered as FinTech enterprise.

Last March 9th, 2019 on the mexican official notification paper (Diario Oficial de la Federación), the laws to regulate Financial Technology Institutions and companies (FinTech) and its operations throughout mexican land were published. However, till now, specific operations policies and regulations have not been issued yet, non any authority is allowed to monitor our operations.

Firstly, we must understand that currently, both people and companies have free access to the international financial and stock exchange markets, and this activity is not regulated yet by any financial institution worldwide; as a consequence, each individual or company takes over the risk associated in trading and investing.

Beyond the latter, Smart Business Corp’s financial proposal is supported by a business alliance with Black Bridge Capital, a highly skilled mexican capital stock marketer & financial trader company.

What really minimized the risk and maximized the rewards is the knowledge and long expertise behind Black Bridge Capital as expert analysts and financial traders. They invest to win through daily trading and by using just 10% of the total capital for investing, this guarantee that what’s gained, it’s yours and remains in your own private savings and investment account.

Upon an exhaustive financial analysis, Black Bridge Capital invest in different financial portfolios made up with diverse financial assets, which may inclusive: commodities, raw materials, stocks, foreign exchange, derivatives, FOREX market and a minimum portion in cryptocurrencies.

How high is a high rate for you?

If you compare that rate offered by a traditional bank, which average 7%-9% annually, against our 7% monthly compounded interest rate, it will look like a mammoth difference.

But the bank is making money out of that difference. While banks offer you an annual rate, they profit the same rate on monthly or daily basis.

On the other side, within the trading financial industry, 7% or 10% monthly rate is an ultraconservative strategy, while you can make up to 30% daily rate.

When you work directly with a financial operator through an investment fund made by a big community of investors, then you can reach privileged rates as the rich do.

Smart Business Corp. revenues from the difference in the yields between those paid off as investment fund operator from Black Bridge Capital and those offered to the individual investor part of our community.

Based upon the type of investment we are offering, after you acquire your membership and select your initial investment plan, the start capital is totally guaranteed. In the event of a financial market worldwide collapse, returns may be diminished, but not the initial capital.


The minimum amount of money comes through our basic membership of just $635 USD.

After that, there are additional investment plans from $250 USD

For now, there are two sorts of memberships with two different investment plans. Both are subject to a fixed term of 24 months (2 calendar-years).

Additional plans have no minimum nor maximum term, plus immediate withdrawal is available.

Limitless. You can make as many investments as you want by acquiring additional plans of $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 USD. USD.

The maximum amount at once you can invest in our platform is $10,000 USD. Nonetheless, you can make as many additional investments with no limit, through the different money packages offered

By acquiring our basic membership with an initial investment plan of $635 USD, you will obtain 3.5% R.O.I. monthly compounded rate.

By acquiring our premium membership with an initial investment plan of $825 USD, you will obtain 7% R.O.I. monthly compounded rate.

Additional investment plans offer a R.O.I. monthly compounded rate from 4% to 8%.

Monthly compounded returns is when those yields generated through a given rate during a specific period of time are added to the accumulated amount of investment.

It can be either:

  • in Mexican pesos, by e-transfer to the SBC’s account or
  • in BitCoins to SBC’s e-wallet.

Once your membership payment is confirmed, you will receive an email and your investment will begin to generate monthly returns.

Your interest rate is calculated from the first next Monday after you have made your deposit.

Your interest rate will be shown every month in your Smart Back Office.

You can withdraw them in BitCoins, based on the term of each plan.

Mexican members can also withdraw their yields in mexican pesos (MXN) with tax holdings (I.V.A. & I.S.R.).

For initial investment plans (memberships), once you have completed the 24-month fixed term.

For all additional plans, you can withdraw them at any time. Just remember that that you will be charged a commission of 14% for withdrawal in the first 12 months. After that time, there is no withdrawal fee.

Only from the additional investment plans. Just remember that that you will be charged a commission of 14% for withdrawal in the first 12 months. After that time, there is no withdrawal fee.

Returns are reinvested or capitalized every month automatically.

If you want to withdraw in Mexican pesos (MXN), we will do a withholding tax (I.V.A. & I.S.R.).

In case of receiving the money in BitCoins, there is no withholding tax, neither for Mexicans nor foreigners.

A commission charged of 14% for each withdrawal during the first 12 months.

Onwards, there is no withdrawal fee.

You may request the total withdrawal of your investment according to the contracted plans.

You can request a new one when you log in.

Both your account and membership are lifelong. No balance required.


First, you have to create a profile in any crypto exchange platform of your preference or available in your country.

Second, you have to buy BitCoins (BTC) through that crypto exchange platform

Finally, transfer the amount of BitCoins (BTC) from your crypto exchange platform to Smart Business Corp’s given e-wallet.

There are different ways of doing that, depending upon each crypto exchange platform available at each country.

For Mexicans, we recommend the use of BITSO or VOLABIT to create your e-wallet.

For most countries, it is very simple; however, every crypto exchange platform may have different procedures

You can see some tutorials HERE

We DO NOT speculate with the price of BitCoin or any cryptocurrency. We only use it as payment exchange platform to simplify our international operations.

We highly suggest you exchange BitCoins to your local fiat money once you get them, in order to avoid a negative impact in your money value when the price falls.